Are you tired of spending a fortune advertising jobs?


Canadian employers are finding it harder than ever to hire good people, and big job sites are cashing in.

With daily sponsoring and pay per click models, you're probably spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month - and have nothing to show for it. is different. It's a simple, easy to use platform with one flat monthly rate - and right now, you can try it completely free!

Try it free!

No Per Click Fees

Pay per click only benefits the sites that use this model. Paying a daily fee to sponsor jobs ads up fast, and limits the applications you get when you're outbid. has no per click fees and no daily sponsorship costs. Pay one fee for the month, post your jobs and get applications.

Simple Interface

Who needs bells and whistles that don't work anyway?

We've ditched the bells and thrown away the whistles. So all you have to do to use this site is create a company profile and post your jobs. Simple, quick and easy.

Search Jobseekers

Some sites charge you to browse and search job seeker profiles. Those that do limit how many you can view. We're not like that.

When you use, you can browse and search job seeker profiles, view resumes and contact information, and reach out to people who interest you - and it's all included in the price.