Are Big Job Sites the Problem?

We all know that it's never been tougher to hire or get hired in Canada. More employers and job seekers are turning to big international job sites than ever before. But are they part of the problem? All signs point to yes. Here's what you need to know.

The Cost to Sponsor

One of the ways that big international job sites promise to get more eyes on your job is to allow you to "sponsor" your jobs. But everyone is sponsoring their jobs, so it's a constant race to the top. Which means the cost to sponsor jobs goes up. Currently, it costs over $20 a day to sponsor a job in a large city in Canada.

If your job is in an in demand field, you can expect to pay considerably more than that too.

The most important point here is that the longer it takes for you to make a hire, the more these sites make from hosting your ad. So there's very little incentive to get your job filled quickly.

Cost Per Click

Big job sites also charge a cost per click when someone views your job. This can vary based on the type of job you are posting, but the average cost seems to be in the region of $2 to $3. Which adds up quickly.

Only a few applications a day can add another $10 to $20 to your daily advertising costs.

The Cost to Search

All of that might be okay if large job sites let you search resumes and reach out directly to candidates. But big job sites don't let you do that either.

In fact, if you want to search for the skills you need, you will have to buy a subscription to do that, and you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for that too.

Filtering Resumes

Recent stories from job seekers point to big job site algorithms arbitrarily filtering out job applications - even when the applicant has the required skills and experience. While all the filters, features and tools these sites offer might look like they're designed to make things easier, they're actually giving you less applicants for your investment.

So you're paying more to advertise, but seeing fewer of the resumes resulting from those ads.

A Better Way

The main reason we built is because we think there is a better, simpler and more importantly, more affordable way to advertise jobs.

We've built a site where there are no per day fees and no per click fees. In fact, employers can sign up free and post three jobs completely free. Plus, there's no cost to search for skills you need. You can visit the jobs eeker page anytime, and search by keyword for skills and experience you need.

With a flat monthly rate and no algorithms deleting applications before you see them, you get more bang for your hiring buck!

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