7 Out of the Box Ways to Find Jobs Near Me

If you're in the market for a new job, chances are you've already been searching the web for "jobs near me". That's where most of us look these days, but there might be other ways to find jobs near you in your area.

But there's a lot of competition on big job boards, and with algorithms that filter out resumes arbitrarily, your odds aren't always that good there.

Here are a few less common ways to find jobs in your area:

1. Look on Community Notice Boards for "Jobs Near Me"

Many libraries, supermarkets, coffee shops and other real world locations have job boards where you can view "jobs near me". Most cities and towns also have government departments dedicated to employment, where you can find noticeboards with job postings.

2. Join Local Meetups

Meetups are a great way to find local business and networking groups, both online and in the real world. It's free to sign up as a user, and you can join as many local groups as you like. Groups are organized by location as well as interest, so you can probably find a Meetup that is specific to the industry and area you're searching for a job in.

3. Join Social Media Groups

Every city and town has at least one job group on most social media platforms. So find the ones in your area, join them, and start watching the jobs that are posted in your area. Just make sure your privacy settings are correct - if not, prospective employers might learn more about you than you bargained!

4. Get a Free Trial On LinkedIn and Use It

LinkedIn has paid tools that give you more options to search for people by role, industry and location - so you can find out exactly who does the hiring at companies in your area. This is great if you want to bypass the job boards altogether, and talk to the people who make the decisions.

5. Create Your Own Shortlist

You know how employers shortlist candidates they want to talk to? Why not make your own shortlist?

Investigate the best companies in your area, that do things you want to be involved in, and who hire in your field. Call them to find out who does their hiring, or drop in to deliver a resume and "hire me" package that looks slick and professional. If you know the name of their hiring manager, or the head of the department you want to work in, address the envelop directly to them.

6. Put Your Resume on is not like other job sites. We don't charge employers to search resumes here. So, while you can definitely apply for jobs that interest you, when your resume and profile is registered here, there's also a good chance you'll be found by headhunters looking for your skills. Make sure you use appropriate keywords in your profile too - that way, you're more likely to show up in their searches!

7. Use Your Network

Everyone has a network of some kind. Some are better than others, but there's always a chance that someone you know knows of the perfect job for you. So ask your friends, family, former colleagues, sports team members and everyone else you know to look out for you, and tell them what you're hoping to find.

The truth is, most great jobs are never advertised at all. They're part of what is known as the "hidden job market." We created to help people tap into that, by giving them a place to post their resume that is searchable by recruiters. But you also have to be tenacious and creative when you're looking for your dream job. So throw away the box, focus on what you want, and go get it!


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